Facility Planning

Ideal Planning will provide consulting services for companies that need assistance planning, coordinating and managing reorganizations within the current facility, facility moves or additions, tenant improvements, remodeling, or new construction.  
Facility planning, coordination, and project management can be a daunting task.  Many   companies totally underestimate the amount of time, planning and painstaking coordination a facility change or relocation requires.

Often you won't have an employee that has the bandwidth to manage this type of large project in addition to their important daily work and other special projects.   Many times the  employees assigned to manage these projects are doing so for the first time and what this means is that the  project is typically managed by people without the experience, skillset or time to handle this important role.  This is not only frustrating for them but for creates difficulties for the company as well.     

Let’s not have that happen to you or them!  By using Ideal Planning you not only get the   benefit of a dedicated individual, you will also get a skillset that combines years of facility work, human resources, financial management, and event planning.   A helping hand can make all the difference in a smooth transition and happy employees and customers.   By listening to your needs and the needs of your employees and customers, I will work with you to create a solution that is the most cost effective and beneficial for your company.    
Let Ideal Planning provide you with the level of support you need.  Take a look at the lineup of services: